Small Business


a highly concentrated work readiness and skills development workshop series that develops career, work and life skills in youth and inexperienced job seekers. Designed for in-school youth; college students; college bound youth; out-of-school youth; high school dropouts; and at-risk youth, the comprehensive work readiness program will enhance the knowledge and awareness of the workplace. This workshop series takes participants on a personal journey through the world of work assessing their current skill set while enhancing their use of critical thinking and problem-solving techniques. Upon completion of the program, participants will be able to demonstrate their ability to secure and maintain employment in various entry level positions


Understand and adopt the traits and attributes of today’s top leaders. Learn to establish professional credibility and influence with peers, set realistic and achievable goals, create a positive and creative work environment, and develop conflict management skills.


: Learn the secrets to creating a positive and productive work environment by giving your staff the tools they need to grow personally and professionally. Deal tactfully with unacceptable behavior, resolve conflicts and boost performance through effective feedback.


: Learn the essentials of both verbal and nonverbal communication and overcome personal communication challenges. Become a more assertive communicator and apply the fundamentals of communicating with tact and finesse in difficult situations.


: Identify and overcome barriers to personal productivity, learn to schedule time and maximize your efficiency, organize workspace, minimize interruptions by taking control and demonstrate how to use delegation as an organization strategy.


: Create a positive work environment that promotes cooperation by learning how to deal more effectively with change when it occurs. Learn to modify and adapt goals, respond to issues before they reach crisis mode.


Develop and apply proven management skills and behaviors, and use critical thinking processes for problem solving and increasing productivity. Improve employee performance and manage crisis situations through effective management techniques.