Why Choose us?


Compass Aim Global Management is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business whose mission is to provide project management, training, consulting and personnel staffing. Strong IT background with an emphasis on unique leadership and staff development. Strong organizational, program, support, curriculum management and development. Our vision is to help businesses, individuals and organization fulfill their vision, while strengthen and position them for immediate and future growth. Innovative strategic planning for designing results accuracy (increasing productivity, efficiency and profitability). Expanding Leadership communication through our system of vision mapping (maps out the details and expectations at the same level they are communicated). We Build Strategy/situation rooms helping leaders see the full scale, scope and pace of their vision and leadership (The system shows every relationship and association of leadership delegation). We have knowledge management web software
At Compass Aim, as an innovative full service strategic management consulting group, our entire mission is to help you thrive on your course to success and profitability. Our vision is to help businesses, individuals and organization fulfill their vision, while strengthen and position them for immediate and future growth.

Compass Aim Global Management (CAGM) is a process improvement consulting firm with over 20 collective years of experience in technology strategy, technology execution, process improvement and human capital mobilization. Our firm utilizes a unique process mapping working session (Vision Mapping) to quickly identify key areas impacting task execution times, resource allocations/constraints, financial constraints and process gaps. Compass’  “Vision Mapping” is able to extract a large amount of information and point of views from leadership and management’s participation in an amazingly short period of time. Within hours of starting the  “Vision Mapping” process, Compass  is able to have an overlay and logic model based on management’s perspective and insights of its operations. This simulates a verbal and visual operations assessment in a matter of hours.

The COMPASS AIM GLOBAL MANAGEMENT (CAGM.) is an alliance of management consulting companies that provides comprehensive solutions. CAGM. provides unmatched Personal Development, Career Development, Workforce Development, Leadership Development, Life Skills Development, Community Development and Business Development programs and services, which allows us to impact the growth and development of individuals, nonprofits, businesses, and the community at-large.

COMPASS AIM GLOBAL MANAGEMENT is a knowledge management consulting company specializing in business development and staff development of life skills that prepare individuals to make responsible business/life choices.

Proven ability to work with clients to help them accomplish their short term and long term strategic goals (knowledge management systems); Commitment to developing and nurturing relationships through effective planning, coordinating, and evaluation of client’s needs by assessing their goals, dreams and aspirations thus taking them from concept to implementation to completion to support; Operations, event coordination, public relations management; coalition building; development of community partnerships; fundraising strategies and solicitation of corporate sponsorships